Help a Brother get a Wheel chair Van

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Hello Visitors to this site!

The The three things That fill the internet the most are;

1) Pictures of Naked people.
2) Blogs written by self indulgent people, read by those of us who are bored.
3) Internet contests.

I’m sorry this blog post does not contain any pictures of Naked people. I have entered an internet contest. It’s not about a weekend Resort to the Bahamas or about winning free tickets to see this summers Batman. No it’s about me winning a wheelchair accessible van. And yes, I need your help. But before you say “F-off Andre I’m going to look for Pictures of Naked people!” Just read the reasons why. Or you can skip all that by just clicking the link and fill out the info. They don’t spam you and it takes 30 seconds to vote.

You can do so every 24 hours per IP address until May 13th. And if you type in one of the Promo codes; 864, 560, 850, 854, 580, 852, 999, 849, 860, 864, your One vote counts for Five!

E-mail your friends, share it on Facebook, post it in boards, and Tweet it. I’m doing it almost everyday. Just follow me and Re-tweet it! My Twitter name is Antigiant. You don’t have to type it in, just click on the Twitter Window to the right of the screen->>>>>>>>>>> Right over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If I win I just might drive it to a gig in your town!

Remember it takes 30 seconds. The faster you do it, the faster you can go on looking for Pictures of Naked People.

Andre H Arruda

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I was born 29 years ago with a rare disease known as Morquio Syndrome. It causes mobility impairment, Abnormal skeletal development and Dwarfism. As soon as my life began the odds were against me. However, I always felt that it’s not the cards that life dealt that matters but how you use them. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you ask, I was also born with ambition and drive. Most children need to be pushed; my Father would attest, that he had to sometimes try to hold me back in fear that I might hurt myself. A common fear for any parent of a Physically disabled Child.

As an adult I didn’t slow down much. I’m now a professional Actor and Stand-up (Sit-Down) comedian. Making people laugh is one of my greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give me the luxury of being able to afford an accessible van to get my short statured self as well as my mobility scooter from town to town for work.

Back in 2008 I got hit by a car while driving my scooter. I was lucky to survive with minimal damage to myself. Shortly after, I did a fundraiser to afford a smaller travel scooter that I dubbed the A-pod. The A-pod can be taken apart in four pieces to fit in most regular cars. I have been able to get more work as a result of carpooling out of town with fellow comedians. Unfortunately, I still have had to cancel shows in the past because, The A-pod can sometimes be difficult to take a part and disassemble for some people or it may take up too much room in a regular vehicle.

I also hope to continue my acting career by moving to Los Angeles California. A dream I’ve had ever since I was a little kid… before I became a little man. Anyone who has been to LA will tell you that you can’t live there unless you have a way of getting around.

If I were to have my own accessible Van, Not only would my scooter not have to be dissembled but I would be granted the independence of driving myself to my various acting and comedy gigs.

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