I’m Still Here!

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Hey September!

I know I know its been a while since I posted anything here. November 2010 to tell you all I was doing Movember. Well don’t think that growing a stash was the only exciting thing  to happen to me in the past  10 months. I did my first tour out in the East Cost. Did some Television, and was featured in an American Film shot in Sault St. Marie. I’ve been neglecting this “blog” and as a result people have been neglecting to come here. So for all those people who have been bugging me about updating it, I promise to you I will at least once a month.

See you in October,

I feel I should mention that the Toronto comedy community has lost a brother last week. Makesi Arthur was one of the kindest, most humble one of a kind comedians to ever grace the comedy stage. It’s a shame that more people didn’t get a chance to see him perform.  He was one of the first comedians to volunteer to be in my series Random conversations while taking Andre to the washroom. I posted the Video below and I recommend you take a look at it and any other video of Makesi on Youtube.

RIP Makesi you will be missed and one day we will meet on the comedy stage in the sky.

Random Conversations While Taking Andre to the Washroom: Volume 1, Part 2

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