RIP Robin Williams

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About 9 years ago I saw Robin Williams perform at the Rivoli in Toronto. I found out that his stunt double was sitting beside me, so I introduced myself and asked if Robin wouldn’t mind taking a picture with me after the show. The stunt double told me that they had to leave right after the show to go to the hotel, because they had to get up very early to film, Man of The Year. After the show I was talking to a friend when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hello Andre, can I have my picture taken with you?” And that is why I have that stupid grin on my face.

R.I.P. Robin Williams

RIP. Robin Williams. One of the Biggest influences of my career…

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Help a Brother get a Wheel chair Van

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Hello Visitors to this site!

The The three things That fill the internet the most are;

1) Pictures of Naked people.
2) Blogs written by self indulgent people, read by those of us who are bored.
3) Internet contests.

I’m sorry this blog post does not contain any pictures of Naked people. I have entered an internet contest. It’s not about a weekend Resort to the Bahamas or about winning free tickets to see this summers Batman. No it’s about me winning a wheelchair accessible van. And yes, I need your help. But before you say “F-off Andre I’m going to look for Pictures of Naked people!” Just read the reasons why. Or you can skip all that by just clicking the link and fill out the info. They don’t spam you and it takes 30 seconds to vote.

You can do so every 24 hours per IP address until May 13th. And if you type in one of the Promo codes; 864, 560, 850, 854, 580, 852, 999, 849, 860, 864, your One vote counts for Five!

E-mail your friends, share it on Facebook, post it in boards, and Tweet it. I’m doing it almost everyday. Just follow me and Re-tweet it! My Twitter name is Antigiant. You don’t have to type it in, just click on the Twitter Window to the right of the screen->>>>>>>>>>> Right over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If I win I just might drive it to a gig in your town!

Remember it takes 30 seconds. The faster you do it, the faster you can go on looking for Pictures of Naked People.

Andre H Arruda

Click Here to Vote!

I was born 29 years ago with a rare disease known as Morquio Syndrome. It causes mobility impairment, Abnormal skeletal development and Dwarfism. As soon as my life began the odds were against me. However, I always felt that it’s not the cards that life dealt that matters but how you use them. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you ask, I was also born with ambition and drive. Most children need to be pushed; my Father would attest, that he had to sometimes try to hold me back in fear that I might hurt myself. A common fear for any parent of a Physically disabled Child.

As an adult I didn’t slow down much. I’m now a professional Actor and Stand-up (Sit-Down) comedian. Making people laugh is one of my greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give me the luxury of being able to afford an accessible van to get my short statured self as well as my mobility scooter from town to town for work.

Back in 2008 I got hit by a car while driving my scooter. I was lucky to survive with minimal damage to myself. Shortly after, I did a fundraiser to afford a smaller travel scooter that I dubbed the A-pod. The A-pod can be taken apart in four pieces to fit in most regular cars. I have been able to get more work as a result of carpooling out of town with fellow comedians. Unfortunately, I still have had to cancel shows in the past because, The A-pod can sometimes be difficult to take a part and disassemble for some people or it may take up too much room in a regular vehicle.

I also hope to continue my acting career by moving to Los Angeles California. A dream I’ve had ever since I was a little kid… before I became a little man. Anyone who has been to LA will tell you that you can’t live there unless you have a way of getting around.

If I were to have my own accessible Van, Not only would my scooter not have to be dissembled but I would be granted the independence of driving myself to my various acting and comedy gigs.

Click Here To Vote!

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I know. I Suck…

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In my last blog, posted in September. I promised that you’d hear from me at least once a month. Now that It’s December 1st I missed the last two Months. Cut me some slack. Ive been busy… By the way, what the hell is slack? Seriously, I’m too lazy to look it up. Tweet me your definitions and if I like it. I’ll re -post them. Follow me @antigiant.

Anyway, here are some things I’m involved in the Month of December…

As most of you probably already know(sarcasm) This Saturday Sept 3rd is International Day of People with Disabilities, or Idopd for short. You know like Ipod but disabled. Ive only been aware of this UN sanction holiday for the past two years. As someone who for the most part gets around in a mobility scooter, I stay home. Why, because on December 3rd is usually bloody freezing out! Disabled people, especially the ones who are dependent upon mobility devices, are like bears. We hibernate during the cold winter months. For the past two years I stayed home and celebrated Idopd by doing what everybody does for holidays they have no idea how to celebrate, by making pancakes! However, this year is different, a fellow Disabled comedian who goes by the name Micheal Liftshitz and I got together and decided to produce Canada’s first All Disabled Stand up Comedy show. We invited am extremely hilarious comedian/entertainer from Ottawa to join us Alan Shain and CrippinglyFunny was born! Our first, of hopefully many shows, will be this Saturday December 3rd and we are Proudly calling it ‘The Merry Cripmas show!‘ So if you’re in Montreal, put away your Pancake Mix and join us at Concordia University 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West, H-767. Doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM. Tickets are $15 dollars and it goes to disabled people… Three of them…

for more details check out www.cripplinglyfunny.com Remember they are professional comedians so it’s okay to laugh at them, Because they’re laughing at you!

What are you doing New Years? The Answer is nothing that great if you’re not going to the best 3 Day New Years Party in the Country! @Futurecon 2: The Wrath of Con! Dancing, Games, Costumes, Booze, Food, hot Nerds, Entertainment… Did I forget to mention that I’m this years Stand up comedian? Yes I’ll be one of the the entertainers performing opening night December 30th and afterwords Ill be hosting Nerdy karaoke… How did they rope me into doing this!? For details on the amazing vents check, click on the link FutureCon! You only have a few more days to register so act fast!

Finally, I feel remiss if I didn’t mention to you that I shot a cameo in the Russel Peters Christmas Special It first airs tomorrow on CTV and dirtyier version will be on the Comedy Network later on this month. Not sure when it will be for out side Canada but I’m Pretty sure Comedy Central will get it. This isn’t your Dad’s Christmas Special. This has Pamala Anderson playing the Virgin marry… Do I need to say more?

Those of you with Satellite Radio. Check out my taped interview on Laugh Attack XM160 Today at 11AM talking about The Merry Cripmas show & some other Great stuff I cant remember!

For those of you in Ajax Ontario, I”ll be telling Jokes at your Yuk yuks with one of the funniest headliners in Canada. Mike Wilmot. four shows From Thursday the 8th to Saturday the tenth For details check out my calender!

Merry Christmas! Or Happy Non denominational holiday Season for all you boring PC types!

Follow me on Twitter @antigiant.com

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I’m Still Here!

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Hey September!

I know I know its been a while since I posted anything here. November 2010 to tell you all I was doing Movember. Well don’t think that growing a stash was the only exciting thing  to happen to me in the past  10 months. I did my first tour out in the East Cost. Did some Television, and was featured in an American Film shot in Sault St. Marie. I’ve been neglecting this “blog” and as a result people have been neglecting to come here. So for all those people who have been bugging me about updating it, I promise to you I will at least once a month.

See you in October,

I feel I should mention that the Toronto comedy community has lost a brother last week. Makesi Arthur was one of the kindest, most humble one of a kind comedians to ever grace the comedy stage. It’s a shame that more people didn’t get a chance to see him perform.  He was one of the first comedians to volunteer to be in my series Random conversations while taking Andre to the washroom. I posted the Video below and I recommend you take a look at it and any other video of Makesi on Youtube.

RIP Makesi you will be missed and one day we will meet on the comedy stage in the sky.

Random Conversations While Taking Andre to the Washroom: Volume 1, Part 2

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Hi Kids!

This Movember, the month formerly known as November I’ve decided to donate my face to raising awareness about prostate cancer. My donation and commitment is the growth of a moustache for the entire month of Movember, which I know will generate conversation, controversy and laughter.

I’m doing this because 4,400 men die of prostate cancer in Canada each year and one in six men will be diagnosed during his lifetime.

This is a cause that I feel passionately about and I’m asking you to support my efforts by making a donation to Prostate Cancer Canada.

To help, you can either:

* Click this link Movember and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account
* Write a cheque payable to Prostate Cancer Canada, referencing my name or Registration Number 619638 and mailing it to: Prostate Cancer Canada, Suite 306 145 Front Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1E3, Canada.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

For more details on how the funds raised from previous campaigns have been used and the impact Movember is having please visit: http://ca.movemberfoundation.com/research-and-programs

Thank you in advance for helping me kick cancer in the Prostate!

Andre H Arruda

Pic will be up soon!

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3 Double Thurdays

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Hey Everyone! I’m doing three featured stand up shows with in the next 5 weeks out side of Toronto.

Nov 18th – Yuk Yuks Mississauga w/ Jeff Elliot.
5165 Dixie Road, one light north of Eglinton, on the northeast corner
of Dixie & Aimco Blvd in the “food mall”. Three lights south of the 401.
Wheelchair Accessible

Nov 25th – Yuk Yuks Vaughan w/ Claire Brosseau
The AMC Theatre Plaza, east of Hwy 400 on Hwy 7

Dec 9th – Yuk Yuks Oakville w/ Ted Morris
370 Dundas Street East (Dundas & Trafalgar)

If you live in or around any of these cities I hope to see you there!


Andre H Arruda

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Looking for something to do on New Years? Check out Future Com!

Click HERE for details.

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